seminole women, 2016

over the holidays, i took some photos of my younger sisters in traditional seminole clothes. i photographed dante in a patchwork skirt at the old seminole baptist church across the parking lot that used to be my pre-school. some of the photos were featured in apogee journal's #nodapl #still here: native and anti-colonial craft against dispossesion december issue. it was eerie, a quiet + gorgeous piece of land heavy with memories, not all mine.

tia + i decided to do a photo shoot one breezy florida winter day with our dad's old traditional shirt. one of the photos was featured in a piece i wrote for i-D called "beyond braids: the true story of indigenous hair." our dad loved photography + was always following us around with a camera or recorder. we like to remember + honor him in as many ways as we can.

seminole baptist church

old old oak trees

tia in our bathroom on the rez
our chickee

fort lauderdale beach
rio vista

fall/winter 2016

i think my absolute favorite memory from fall was going to the jack o' lantern blaze at van cortlandt manor. it was so spooky + over the top + beautiful—there's over 7,000 hand carved pumpkins filled with neon lights in crazy designs. it was like disney land for people who hate disney land + are way too into halloween. logan humored me as i stopped + stared at every arrangement, then bought me a piece of pumpkin pie + some hot cider for the train ride home. i grabbed a few shots of that + a halloween party on this disposable camera.

winter, as usual, was very rough for me + left me inside hiding from the cold most of the time. i was interning at billboard magazine full-time as a fashion intern, which was a lot of learning as i went + tightening my writing. the newly constructed Q train stop near logan's upper east side apartment opened, so naturally we made a production of riding it one stop to his neighborhood shake shack. i went home for the holidays, which is always a much needed break from the snow.

me + a sea of jack o' lanterns

all real pumpkins!!

my pumpkin boi
logan + steven buscemi 
alex + wei
haylin's halloween party
indoor warmth

disposable of logan looking confused in my bed

logan descending impatiently to the Q

me at shake shack, blurry image courtesy of logan

tia in my hometown bed, in florida for the holidays

france + a blurry rainbow (rest in peace, ruffian dog)

two weeks in scotland, august-september 2016

to top the summer of 2016 off, my mom + i visited my youngest sister dante at st. andrews. we made the stupid decision of renting a car for the vacation, the stupidity of which became very very clear on the drive from edinburgh to st. andrews. i'm pretty sure my neck is still stiff with stress from driving on the opposite side of the road on winding streets wide enough to fit a smart car.

st. andrews is beautiful. though the town was super small, the food was so fresh + tasty, the people were sweet, and the landscape was breath-taking—a lush, quiet earth on the edge of the north sea. we stayed in this bed + breakfast owned by an adorable old couple who had breakfast with us every morning. one day, my mom + i drove to this gorgeous little sea town called stonehaven. thinking about it now makes me shiver with envy of the me that was there in 2016. we visited the dunnottar castle, which is this 15th century fortress on an impossibly tall mountain of rocks on the sea. you had to hike for 30 minutes to reach the castle from town. though i got really sick from the cold + rainy weather, i am so grateful to be able bodied + to have access to these kinds of corners of the world. i really cherish those two weeks.

in the basement of some st. andrews student organization

dunnottar castle


a medieval window

mid-hike views

mid-hike cows

campus kitty

edges of campus, the north sea

summer 2016, random remains

images that slipped through the cracks. post-graduation apartment, helping tia move into her new providence apartment, cute people around the city, a restorative trip back home, an upstate hike, my best friend.

my college succulents, which have never thrived as hard as they did on this window sill

dining table debris

ndn profile
tia's paintings in her new apartment
harriet, the most lovable little ratty friend—rest in peace 

logan at his west village apartment, a morning in june
the hudson river, somewhere near westchester
northern bark
alex at coney island

rhea apartment bushwick show (meilyn, james)

heather + lili, washington sq park
pell st., chinatown
angel olsen performing at webster hall, july
alex on his phone
backyard reading on the hollywood rez
pretty sure this was an accident, but i appreciate those leaves!

the first time logan + i hung out in florida (the back of someone's car)
chiara, miami art show